Wonder Where You Can Kayak and Lilo on the Same River? Storms River Can!

After swing from treetop with Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour in the morning, we left the village and drove to Tsitsikamma National Park for the most anticipated activity of the day, Kayak and Lilo adventure!


To tell you the truth I have awed by the promotional video on their social media page. So without even a hesitation, this activity jump straight onto the top  of the trip’s To-Do list.

The kayak and Lilo is a combination tour where you first do the kayaking on the Storms River then you leave your kayaks midway and go on to the lilos.


This activity is quite popular so booking is required in advance, and make sure that you book way ahead during peak holiday season. The office Untouched Adventures, located in the national park, is where we gear up and sign our death warrant etc etc. I would also recommend that you wear close shoes for the trip. As we went during early autumn time so the river water is quite warm so you don’t really need a wetsuit.



The activity takes about 3.5 hours. Depend on how rough is the sea, you will either do ocean kayaking from the river mouth into the river and lilo afterwards (what I dreamt of doing), or else hike along the river from the suspension bridge up to the jetty where you then get on onto your kayaks. Unfortunately on the day the sea was quite rough so we have missed out on the sea kayaking and hiked to the jetty.

During the kayak and lilo, the guides stopped for a few times for us to admire the scenery and also talk about the rich nature of the area and the indigenous surroundings.

When we switched to the Lilo, the guides allow us to jump from the cliffs. As I have done a few canyoning/kloofing adventures, how could I miss the fun!




Overall the views were breathtaking, and it is far different when looking from the suspension bridge. The trip is not physically demanding, but some do feel the hike to the jetty is a bit strenuous. The guides were friendly and very patient. I would recommend it to anyone as it was really safe, and unforgettable. Just teeny-tiny disappointed that we were not able to do the sea kayaking, hopefully the next time Poseidon will chill down the sea a bit. But would definitely do it again!

Just a tip: The guides do not take pictures during the activity but you more than welcome to bring your GO PRO and they also provide dry bags to store valuables.



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