Berry Overload – Bon-Af Berry Farm

If you ever driving by this area (which is just off the N1), I highly recommend everyone to stop by to this little gem.

I’ve been to quite a few pick-your-own-fruit farms: strawberries by Polkadraai Farm in Stellenbosch (Western Cape), cherries by Klondyke Cherry Farm in Ceres (Western Cape) and peaches by Camdeboo Farm in Fourways (Gauteng); but this farm is probably one of my favourites. Because there are so many different types of berries on the farm!

After staying in Joburg for four months, many locals that I know of doesn’t know about this farm, which only located 1 hour away from the city. Most probably they don’t advertise that much. The farm is easy to find and there are plenty of parking space.

DSC_1414 DSC_1410

The farm is super laid back and mellow – you get the boxes inside (or bring your own), pick the berries, then weigh your haul, calculate the money owed and pay at the till. I was able to pick a full box in just two hours (plus time to pop berries into my mouth). The entrance fee to the farm is R35 and you can eat as much as you can in the farm. If you want to take some home, it is R145 per kg. It may be a little higher but farm picked is so much fresher and lacks that produce taste and smell that you get from berries that have been sitting around for a bit during delivery.

DSC_1413 DSC_1407

The berries season is runs from end of November to end of March. I visited the farm during beginning of Feb and there were so many huge juicy berries ripe for the picking. Space wise, the farm is huge, so it didn’t feel crowded or felt like I had to compete for my berries. We went straight to the blackberry rows and began our quest for large juicy black beauties. Between the 3 of us, we only got to walk down like 3 or 4 rows and we had pretty much filled our boxes of blackberries.

DSC_1390 DSC_1396

But my favourite part is wrapping up the day with their delicious homemade berry ice-cream at their tea garden. Mmm delicious! Wholesome berries and sweet creamy goodness. Aside that they also have homemade berry juice, berry muffins and cakes, roasted coffee, and jam. There are couches, outdoor picnic tables and chairs to sit on and relax or enjoying your picked goodies.

IMG_20150208_123435It was great getting to just wander around and find berries of all sort. The staff at Bon-Af are friendly and will tell you which areas are ready for picking. They also give useful tips like pick the darker berries. And raspberries and blueberries will come off quite easily if they are ripe. Before you go, it is better to check the website or call the farm ahead of time to see which berries are ready to pick.

Just beware if you are not an insect fan, you will spot quite a few spiders hiding in the bushes and bees and wasps buzzing around.

I had a great time at Bon-Af and cannot wait to try picking some other fruit next season.

Bon-Af Berry Farm details:


Tel: (056) 811 – 3966

Cell: (083) 650 – 8365


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