[Travel & Food – Taiwan] Start your day right with great breakfast at Yonghe Xin Shi Jie Soy Bean MIlk

Name: Yonghe Xin Shi Jie Soy Bean MIlk 永和世界豆漿大王
Visited Location: No. 284, Sec. 2, Yonghe Road, Yonghe city, Taipei 234, Taiwan 新北市永和區永和路二段284號
Website: 永和世界豆漿大王Facebook page
Price range: Less than NT$ 100pp
Food: Traditional Chinese breakfast
Favourite dishes: Hot soybean milk, Xiaolongbao, youtiao wrapped in a shoa bing (燒餅油條)


Large bowl of soy milk and steaming hot xiaolongbao

Breakfast is an important meal in Taiwan, and this breakfast joint is one of Taipei’s most praised places ever. They open 24 hours a day and is relative easy to get to by the MRT (metro in Taipei). We arrived bright and early and the place is buzzing already. By the look of their clientele, it seems it is a popular spot for both the locals and the foreign visitors.

In my opinion, the must-have items are the xiaolongbao (soup dumplings), the hot soy milk (especially during winter time), and youtiao wrapped in shoa bing. Everything was tasty. The service is fast and friendly.


shoa bing with eggs


I found that the xiaolongbao are puffier than the ones from Ding Tai Fung, and more dense with more meat packed into each xiaolongbao here. So I prefer the ones here more than Ding Tai Fung. And the price is wallet-friendlier as well! (My Ding Tai Fung review here)

The price of the food items were really cheap. Everything came out to under 250NT$ for the four of us with xiaolongbao being the priciest item at 90NT. We left with full, happy bellies and wallets. Would definitely go back if visiting the city again.

My Xiaolongbao rating of Yonghe Xin Shi Jie Soy Bean MIlk (best of out five):
For ambiance:                               baobaobao
For Service & price:                    baobaobaobaobao
For food:                                            baobaobaobao


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