[Travel – Taiwan] Unpretentious, peaceful place – Checheng Station 車埕


Checheng (車埕) is one of the most serene towns you can find in Taiwan! It’s a quiet small place where you can retreat for a weekend away when the busy and gloomy city gets you down.

Checheng, situated along our way to Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, is the terminal station of Nantou Tourist Railroad-Jiji line. So to get there, you either need to drive/hitchhike/cycle or alternatively take a train.

This mountain town was once famous for the power station, the lumbering, and the coal industry since 1919. Its railroads were built mainly for transporting timber. With its rich history, this town makes us felt like we’ve walked into a ‘time machine’ 80 years back. However during the terrible 921 Earthquake in Jiji back in 1999, Checheng Station was also destroyed. So what we have seen is a re-built wooden station.







There are the Logging Museum and craft bazaar that you can go visit. But the most beautiful scene in this town is their ecology pond that was used to store big logs. Other places that you can explore in this town is their old street where the locals reside. Since we had visited Checheng on a Monday, our driver says the town is packed with tourists on weekends or public holidays.


So when you are by Jiji Station by train, don’t forget to continue your journey by the last stop of this beautiful train station -“Checheng”. And also try their famous wooden meal box and take the empty box as a souvenir.


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